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Confirmation Modal

There are 3 types of confirmation modal

  1. Link Confirmation
  2. Auto form submit confirmation especially for put/delete and sometime post methods. it is used to submit a form with an id as input
  3. Existing form submit confirmation

Handler Class: confirmation

Link Confirmation Example <a class="confirmation" data-alert="your warning message" href="">

Auto form confirmation example: <a class="confirmation" href="" data-form-id="anythingRandomText" data-alert="your warning message" data-form-method="put">

Existing form confirmation example: <a class="confirmation" href="javascript:;" data-form-id="yourFormId" data-alert="your warning message">

Option Required Uses
href required for link/auto form This is the link where will be redirected to. For auto form it is the form action url
data-alert required This is the message appears as warning on clicking the link
data-form-id Only use for form For auto form you can place any random text. For existing form, it must be the form ID
data-form-method Only use for Auto form To confirm which method will be used to submit the form